InMe @ O2 ABC, Glasgow, 06/12/12

By now I’m sure regular readers will be aware that we are big fans of InMe, so to have them playing in the city twice in the same year was a great opportunity that was difficult to pass up. Playing the O2 ABC2 certainly won’t be the pinnacle of their career by any stretch, but to see the dedication of the 100 or so fans who came out to see them again on a cold and frosty winter’s evening must bring a warm glow to the band’s collective heart.

On the off chance you missed it, InMe released their fifth studio album The Pride in February this year and toured it shortly after. That gig was what you’d expect from a new release promotional tour in that it was a mix of the new material and fan favourites whereas tonight was a little different. Bravely eschewing the common route of repeating the same tour for maximum cash, InMe instead went for an alternative set list of lesser played tracks from the now substantial back catalogue with fewer from the latest release than I expected.

InMe are a fans band for sure, who clearly love being on stage. Front man Dave McPherson’s sometimes rambling banter with the crowd with added bits of cheek and sarcasm in his direction from bass playing brother Greg adds a nice familiarity between band and crowd, and the way the band and fans complement each other creates this ever increasing loop of enjoyment. Although tucked away in the dark at the back, drummer Simon Taylor looked happy and second guitarist Gazz Marlow sported a wry grin despite keeping quiet for pretty much the whole night.

There were unfortunate sound issues that I’ve never heard before in the ABC2 with a continuous feedback whistle between songs and Dave continually asking to have his mic and guitar turned up (which it never was), the sound was a bit of a let down. That said, the old songs sounded tightly rehearsed with improvements here and there when you consider until 2008 the band were a 3 piece, so that extra guitar came in useful. It was also more prevalent tonight how much the band have grown over the years when you hear some of deliciously layered complexity of the latest release back to back with the older material.

I can safely say that I’ll be seeing InMe again without doubt. They’re just great to watch regardless of whatever bag of songs they choose to spring on you on the night. I might need to wait a while for another gig though as it was said during the evening that they’d be cutting back the touring to give Dave and Greg’s other band Centiment and Gazz’s solo album Situations some time to flourish before returning to the studio for a triple album due in 2014. I for one will be waiting in line to see and hear whatever they produce as I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

Special thanks to Laura Montgomerie for supplying our inset photo. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter.

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