Download Festival – Day Two

Today was immense. I don’t have time for a full review, however if you’ve been following us on Twitter then you’ll definitely be up to date on events.

In short, Halestorm were great though Lzzy’s voice was slightly raspy. A surprise given how great she’s been in the past. Steel Panther were politically incorrect as ever, but such fun to watch live. Really, really fun. Hilarious.

The bands of the day were Biffy Clyro and Metallica. Biffy deserve to headline this festival based on today’s performance and I’d be surprised if they are not withi the next three years.

Metallica once again proved why they are Metallica and why so few can touch them. Immaculate sound, and a great album (the Black Album) sandwiched between some choice hits. Metallica tonight were on form; a full review to follow.

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3 thoughts on “Download Festival – Day Two

  1. Halestorm is awesome. What a kick ass voice. Very powerful. I love to hear her rock out. Always look forward to the things she sings. I feel that the band is not given the credit and attention in which it deserves. Keep on rocking!!!!!! love them

    • They are starting the get the credit now, especially in the UK. Their Autumn 2012 tour has just been upgraded to bigger venues due to demand….

      You’re right though, they are a great band and deserve all the positive attention they get.

      • Glad you agree!! Have you heard Lita Fords new CD I am pretty sure it came out. I was surprised of the actual hard rock sound she brought to the table this time. I was listing to Eddie Trunk and heard one of the songs.. I was pleased. If I can recall correctly the name of the song was ” Hate”… Check it out I would love to heard your thoughts on this one.