New Band Spotlight: Fel Fiasco

Fel Fiasco 01Keeping the new band spotlight section rocketing along, please give a big hello to Fel Fiasco.

Who are you and where do you hail from?
We are Fel Fiasco and we hail from Exeter, Devon.

Please introduce the band members.
Lenny Carnell – Vocals
Abi Crisp – Guitar
Dan Chase – Guitar
Dan Cosgrove – Bass
Josh Waterfield – Drums

How would you describe your sound?
When we first started out as a band, none of us could really describe what we sounded like at all apart from Robert Palmer crossed with Miles Davis. Clearly this was not correct. Pretty much everywhere we go now, somebody says; “you guys are really ‘Circa Survivey'”. I guess the best way to describe us is Circa Survive meets Glassjaw with a bit of Thrice chucked in there.

You’re a young band with a female singer. How do you avoid the obvious Paramore comparisons?
For a start, just take a look at our pictures… we’re nowhere as near as attractive as them. Seriously though, we’re not trying to be like a certain artist and we’re not trying to steer away from being compared to Paramore. Have a listen to our music, we’re pretty confident it’s not like Paramore, it’s really up to the listener to decide.

Fel Fiasco is an unusual band name. How did it come about?
An unusual story to go with it… Coz (Dan Cosgrove) was playing World of Warcraft, he called me (Dan Chase) to tell me he really liked the word; ‘Fel’, after being caught in a ‘Fel Fire’. I immediately thought this name was awesome. However, we wanted to change the word ‘Fire’. We realised we were in a bit of a fiasco about choosing a name so called ourselves Fel Fiasco.

Who are your biggest influences?
Tough question, we all listen to a lot of different artists and it all has an effect on our sound. Lenny listens to Imogen Heap and Pearl Jam, Abi listens to Civil Wars and Blood Red Shoes, Dan listens to The Dangerous Summer and Burn The Fleet, Coz listens to The Mars Volta and anything in 7/4 time signature and Josh listens to Robert Plant and Jessie J.

People will like your music because…
Chances are, you might not like us at first. We think we are ‘a grower’. We play honest music and have a bunch of fun as a band. If you don’t like our music, you’ll probably find our stupid videos funny!

Best gig you’ve played so far?
Truro. Has to be. We played there with Exit Ten as pretty much our first ‘proper’ gig, which was a real privilege. We had a really good crowd and got a great response after, we’d love to go back there soon.

What do you consider the bands greatest achievement to date?
We haven’t really achieved much so far in the short time we’ve been together. I guess the feedback we’ve had from our debut single; ‘Recreate The Numbers’ has been our greatest achievement. We’ve been really blown away with the things people have been saying about that track as we didn’t set out to write that track to get a ‘response’, more to see what we as musicians could produce.

I saw one of your live gigs was a Justin Timberlake covers night. How did that one come about?
The White Rabbit in Plymouth hosted an event made by Live Sound Promo, not to disimilar to Stars In Your Eyes (but called it Stars in Their Eyes) where Lenny’s previous band played a Fall Out Boy covers set. We were really keen to play on the next one. After seeing a particular live video of Justin Timberlake (no track names, don’t want to give anything away!) we knew we had to cover the big JT!

Where can we get your music from?
You can listen to our debut single ‘Recreate The Numbers’ on our Facebook page and download it for free in exchange for a Tweet here – You can also watch us on our YouTube page. In the next couple of months we will have a new release which you’ll be able to purchase digitally for super cheap! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for that.

How important do you find social networking and the Internet as a source for promoting and communicating with your fans?
Social networking is pretty much the only way of communicating with fans and potential fans now. Lot’s of bands have social networking strategies to target as wide an audience as possible and I think without the likes of Facebook, most bands wouldn’t be able to get gigs and tours, the same as it used to be with Myspace. We’ve just recently started using Twitter which has really helped target people around the UK that we probably wouldn’t have been able to reach on Facebook (the reason we found the chance to have this interview).

Where can people keep in touch and follow your movements?
The usual links:

We’re really friendly and will talk to you about pretty much anything, Lenny even became a doctor on Twitter when a girl said she had a cold.

And if you want to book us:

As the band don’t have a video to accompany “Recreate the Numbers”, check out some Christmas tomfoolery and an acoustic rendition of their track “Rivers In The Road” instead.

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