InMe @ Stereo, Glasgow, 16/03/12

p1010527-1024x680InMe. If I was a girl these are the first two words I’d be saying to the band after a sterling performance in Glasgow on Friday night. Was it the best sounding gig I’ve ever heard? Well no, but that was absolutely no fault of a band that looked to genuinely please with a varied set-list of fan favourite old songs and technically impressive new songs.

MusicScramble had the pleasure of interviewing Dave McPherson (Guitar and Vocals) prior to the gig (interview due to be posted next week – keep an eye out!). An absolute gentleman, almost shy and very modest, but 40 minutes later seeing him on stage the transformation was akin to The Hulk! Suddenly you were being enthralled by a man whose vocal range could rival the best pop singers yet coupled with a snarling vocal that could rival the best metal singers out there.

This however, was not the Dave McPherson show. He has the backing of a band that is as technically gifted as they are entertaining to watch. The drumming is tight as Simon plays and also controls any synth related parts of the tracks, all done without the aid of a monitor speaker due to some hardware problems. Gazz and Dave share guitar responsibilities exchanging lead and rhythm parts flawlessly, leaving Greg on the bass, clearly the slightly insane member of the band – but every good band needs one. This should take nothing away from his outstanding technique of seamlessly switching between syncopated bass rhythms to a slap pop style. This wasn’t just showing off for the sake of showing off, it genuinely accented certain parts of the songs, be it a drum fill or guitar lick.

p1010530-1024x680-1The set-list covered most bases though a few of my personal favourites were not included such as “Nova Armada” for one, but all in all the songs demonstrated the best of the bands abilities, a band that have grown and changed from a three piece to a four piece over the last ten years. InMe did start off as I hoped and expected them to with “Reverie Shores”, the first song on the new album The Pride. This set the bar for the rest of the show. I hate to use the word ‘anthemic’ but it’s hard to think of another that sums up the verses and chorus of this song. This isn’t a criticism and shouldn’t be used to conjure up a Kings of Leon style song. “Reverie Shores” really shows off the best of the bands abilities, reaching new heights when the expertly executed solo kicks in.

The second song “Soldier” from Daydream Anonymous wasn’t one I instantly recognised down to my ignorance, but I got on board soon enough before being treated to a few more older songs in the form of “Faster The Chase”, “Belief Revival” and “Saccharine Arcadia”. The band have always strived to make each album sound distinct and this becomes apparent when hearing songs from different albums back to back. When the setlist reaches new tune “A Great Man”, if this was the first time I’d heard this song I could have guessed that it was from The Pride. This is no bad thing, in fact it’s a great thing being able to hear how a band has grown simply from listening to a great song.

p1010474-1024x680“7 Weeks” makes a welcome appearance, which I was personally happy with as it let me hear how the old 3 piece band songs would translate to a now 4 piece band. It sounded great although adding nothing new it sounded a little bit fuller. The set rolls along at a nice pace keeping the crowd interested with a few mosh pits, a bit of interaction and a grumble at the monitors failing, but the feeling was the band appreciated the audience participation, even if it was more reserved for the songs that were played from Overgrown Eden. As expected they finished with “Underdose”; a song I’ve not heard in a very long time, but it has aged well. There was a new twist on this with a slightly elongated outro and it was definitely a bit heavier, which again, was a very good thing.

I look forward to seeing InMe again. They are a hard working band who give off a positive vibe when they play. The general feel is they are on the ascendancy again after a couple of years of not hitting the heights they should be. Next time around I’ll be listening to them a lot more often before they play as the gig has reinvigorated my interest in the band. I hope they continue to progress along the lines of The Pride as they continue to grow as one of the finest four pieces in the country.

InMe @ Stereo, Glasgow 16/03/12

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  1. Really good review. A nice piece of writing. Sounded like a great gig. I have downloaded The Pride album from Itunes on the strength of the review.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the review John. Kind words and I’ll look forward to writing more.


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