The Subways – Money and Celebrity (2011)

1315845918_the_subways_-_money_and_celebrity__2011_The Subways are back with a new album which they took a rather unusual way of financing. Via website Pledge Music, the band took donations from fans with a promise of early digital release of the album amongst other goodies if fans were prepared to pledge a little more. Reaching their target in proper quick time, Money and Celebrity was released to the Pledge Music audience yesterday, just under a week before its official physical release. And as a bonus, it comes with a second ‘disc’ of demo mixes.

Regardless of its method of creation though, the important bit is the quality of the music. And I reckon I can safely say the fans won’t be disappointed one bit. If you’re unfamiliar with The Subways – which I’d imagine many are as they seem to have a bit of a cult following with only small commercial success – they’re pretty straight forward fun pop-rock fare. There are no super widdly solos or rollocking drum solos to be found. Which is good as they’re completely unnecessary as far as The Subways are concerned.

Money and Celebrity continues in that vein with every song having a quick 3 minutes of fun toe-tapping quality that it’s very hard for a band to consistently provide throughout a full record. The album title pretty much encapsulates the themes throughout the record as most every song is about parties and having fun without the ‘let’s get f–ked up’ attitude many other bands rely on. There’s a few digs at the daily celebrity popularity contest here and there, but it doesn’t step into the realm of political remarks or over the top snideness. I’m quite glad actually as they’ve basically written fun songs about fun. And it sums up the whole record brilliantly – it’s quite simply a bit of fun.

I’ve listened to this a few times now since I got it last night, but only half for the purposes of the review. The other half is simply because I’m enjoying it. It’s a cool record that greatly compliments the nice sunny day that I’m greeted with as I write. I’ve had it on for most of the day and I’m going to have it playing on the way home. I’ve got to admit that the record doesn’t really have amazing stand out moments that will make people pull a meerkat and sit up and take notice as they passed by, but I’m sure it would be welcome in anyone’s record collection or as BBQ background music.

It might have served the band better to release it during the height of summer rather than in September, but I guess things are ready when they’re ready. On the other hand, maybe they’re right. As we move into autumn and the weather begins to cool, chucking this on brings back the summer vibe and I for one will be enjoying that as long as I can.