Steven Tyler – (It) Feels So Good (2011)

Aerosmith - Download 2010

Steven and Joe - Download Festival 2010

Steven Tyler released his first debut single this week.

If you have followed rock news over the past 18 months or so then there has been much said regarding Steven’s ‘is he in, is he out’ of Aersomith situation. Public spats with guitarist Joe Perry, ‘he said, and he said’ news stories, auditions for new singers and so on. Then of course there is the American Idol judge role. During the middle of this spat, Aerosmith went on a European tour including Headlining 2010’s Download Festival. A set which I saw, and the band was as amazing as ever.

It came as a surprise to me then that Steven was releasing a solo single and album – especially since one of the arguments Joe Perry gave was pinning Steven down to studio time to record a new album. Of course Steven says that Aerosmith rejected this song for the new Aerosmith album.

Regardless of all of that, click below to hear Steven Tyler’s first solo single – I’m a huge fan of Aerosmith, and although I’ve only heard this twice, my initial thought was “Hmm…” Not convinced really.

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3 thoughts on “Steven Tyler – (It) Feels So Good (2011)

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  2. Mmmmmm its ok( I`m a massive fan)…….as a non Aerosmith release i much prefer his collaboration with Santana ……

    • I know exactly what you mean. I’m a huge fan too, and it’s just OK. Catchy OK, I admit, but OK.

      Scarily the drums and percussion sounds a lot like what I didn’t like about the Just Push Play album…