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Justin Timberlake – SSE Hydro, Glasgow – 05/04/14

justin-timberlake-tennessee-kids-live-glasgow-april-2014If I told my 21-year-old self that in the next decade Glasgow would build a new music venue, he’d be delighted. If I told him that the first act he would see in said venue would be Justin Timberlake, he’d laugh before spewing flaming sambuca. Times change and the 31-year-old found himself attending a Justin Timberlake concert at the SSE Hydro.

When the missus informed me she had bought two tickets for JT I asked myself “who would she be going with?” Turned out it was me, and after dragging her to a local pro-wrestling event, I didn’t have much choice. To be honest a part of me was curious. It’s not a gig I would normally have attended but when in Rome…get a few beers down you.
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Halestorm – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 05/04/14

halestorm-groupAs far as female-lead rock bands go, Halestorm are up there. You’ll be hard-up finding more anthemic, catchy riffs mixed with raucous vocals anywhere else and it was no surprise that they came and conquered Glasgow on Saturday night. Amidst the catchy cover versions, which Halestorm seem to pride themselves on, the original material shone through and was given a great platform from the stage in the ABC. A packed crowd who were clearly up for it and in full voice for the majority of the show added to the overall feel of the place on the night.

Maybe it’s just me but I reckon Saturday night shows are always that little bit better as you’re a bit more relaxed and not worrying about work in the morning. If you couple that with a band at the top of their game you’re definitely in for a treat. Arriving just before the support had finished their set we had time to nip into the bar downstairs before making our way into the impressive main hall for the short wait on a band I’d first saw in support of Alter Bridge at the Hydro in October. Even then, on such a big stage, you could see the captivating qualities of the band shine through in the performance and banter between songs. It was no different on Saturday when they brought their headline show to Glasgow.

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Vigo Thieves – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 29/03/14

vigo-thieves-band-shotIt’s always an exciting moment; heading along to see a Glasgow – or in this case just outside (Wishaw) – band taking the stage for their triumphant homecoming. And that’s what I was here to witness as the hotly tipped Vigo Thieves, fresh from glowing press write-ups, headlined the O2 ABC, their biggest show to date.

The crowd was packed in, full of Mums and Dads, Aunties and Uncles in all their finery along with those with their ear to the ground with regard to the up and coming Scottish music scene. No doubt this was a hot ticket. I went into this knowing nothing about the band save the hype. Well thought of by my ‘Scramble colleagues I entered full of hope rather than expectation. An open mind, uncluttered by preconceptions is surely the best way to judge new music.

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Red Fang – Classic Grand, Glasgow – 19/03/14

red-fang-bandIt was no surprise that a bout of stormy weather was blowing folk off their feet in the late hours of Wednesday night in Glasgow. Well, not for me anyway. I’d just seen Red Fang brew up that very storm in the Classic Grand, a small cave of sound perfection. The set had an energy that got everyone in the crowded venue moving, whether that be the head-bopping folk at the back of the room or the full-on thrashing going on in the pit directly in front of the stage where the band were performing like they were possessed by gods-of-thundery-awesomeness.

I arrived just in time to see Red Fang emerge from the darkness and take their place, kicking off a set, that featured heavily from Murder the Mountains and the recent Whales and Leeches, with ‘Hank Is Dead’. From there on everything else was a bit of a blur. It seemed that every note was hit with perfection and the crowd, which had managed to harness that stormy energy reverberating around the room, were appreciating every minute of it, that much was obvious.
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The Responsible – King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 21/02/14

the-responsible-edge-of-my-gun-singleOff into the unknown I went a few Friday’s back to see 4-piece, The Responsible. Hailing from Paisley, the guys cite influences such as The Stone Roses and Kasabian. Hitting the stage at 10.15, it was clear that, despite not being the night’s headliners, the guys had brought a decent amount of support to see them hit the famous Tut’s stage. Any band from the west of Scotland and maybe even further afield dreams of plugging in up there. Continue reading “The Responsible – King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 21/02/14” »