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Back in January I had the pleasure of reviewing the debut single from UK based alt-country rock band, West on Colfax. June 17th 2020 will see the release of their debut album Barfly Flew By and I was keen to see if the strength of song writing I had heard in the single was borne out over the album.

If you missed my previous review West on Colfax are a 5-piece band from all across Lancashire. A North Western blend of alt-country rock and jangly indie pop.

The band say that Barfly Flew By is an album about tales of love and hard lived lives but not without hope. That is certainly true on the blue-eyed soul of ‘The Line’ reminiscent of mid-eighties Deacon Blue.

‘Misty Morning Blue’ bursts on to the speakers with all the sunshine appeal of The Byrds at their peak. Check out the video below.

The next track really caught my ear. ‘Back out on the Run’ is written and sung by Pete Barnes. His voice lends a real authenticity which has you hooked immediately. For me the this is the albums highlight.

The title track of the album has a REM kind of vibe with a chorus reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. You’ll be humming the chorus for hours after.

‘Cowgirl of the County’ had me torn. The verses are rather sparse lengthy affairs which is a shame because the chorus is killer. I think if there was more harmony singing on this album as a whole, they would have nailed my interest.

Once we reach ‘Tinsel Heart’ the pace picks back up and the song writing goes up a level. Some really interesting vocal treatment on this one too making it feel really old timey country in places.

We roar into ‘Tyre Marks’ with some Heartbreakers style guitars which grow into a psyche style wig out mid song. ‘Light Again’ brings the album to a close and we finally get to the hear the sweet harmonies this band are capable of. I would so have loved to have heard more of that.

Barfly Flew By is out on June 17th 2020 via the groups Bandcamp page.

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