Un.Real – Lovely One / Islands

In a first for Musicscramble we head to the sunnier climes of Puerto Rico to review the latest single from Un.Real. For absolute clarity we are pronouncing the band name in Spanish.

The band have had an ever-evolving list of members around main man Gardy Perez Ruiz. With influences ranging from The Cure to My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive they have forged their own unique brand of Dream Pop. Following on from their last single ‘Blue Garden’ Un.Real now bring us ‘Lovely One / Islands’.

This song has fascinated me since I first heard it. It begins with the two contrasting guitar lines that define the song. One shrieking and just holding itself together from feedback, the other chiming through a warm comforting blanket of lush reverb. Couched in between comes the beautiful vocals of Bernice Cruz lifting the song to another level. Her voice centres the whole track whilst supporting and building on the guitar lines.

The feeling of space is palpable when, by rights, we should be crushed beneath the waves of sonic distortion. And it’s just when we are lifted the highest that the song surprises us with the most beautiful acoustic and synth-led instrumental outro. It is so different to the rest of the track that each time you hear it you are still taken unawares.

We are promised an album called Islands from Un.Real later this year, but in the meantime this single and all their previous release are available via their Bandcamp page.

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