With a name like MEGASTARS you would expect big things from a band, so it was with much interest I hit play on their latest single ‘Laura’

MEGASTARS are a duo consisting of Joseph Croitoru and Eran Emanuel Peretz. After a long period in the local indie music scene in London, Joseph returned to his home town in Israel and focused on his own material. It was only after releasing a video on YouTube did his old friend Eran get in touch and they set about creating an album.

‘Laura’ is the second track they have released so far and it begins very subdued with just piano and voice. The only comparison I can think of is the other worldly sound RY-X captures.

Bursting into verse two, swirling electronica and pounding drums lift the song up without ever dominating or obscuring that angelic core of Joseph’s incredible voice and glissy piano.

The song builds to a glorious crescendo leaving us exhausted but reaching again for the play button. Check it out for yourself below.

With this track and the single ‘Father’ under their belt MEGASTARS have very much piqued my interest and I greatly look forward to the release of their debut album.

You can listen to both ‘Father’ and ‘Laura’ on all the usual streaming platforms now.

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