The Vegan Leather – Poor Girls / Broken Boys

Paisley indie outfit The Vegan Leather have just released their debut long player in the shape of Poor Girls / Broken Boys. It’s an ebullient reboot of Scottish art pop from all across the last few decades. Never taking their foot off the gas for a minute these songs will be filling the floor at many an indie disco for years to come.

The album opens on ‘French Exit’, a song which will draw comparisons to Franz Ferdinand due to its insistent beat and singer Gianluca Bernacchi’s undeniable Alex Kapranos vocal soundalike. However, Marie Collins voice plays off  his nicely to give them that unique angle. Check out the video for the single below.

‘The Knife’ powers on with a real early eighties feel slowing only slightly for ‘Flakey’. Marie takes the lead vocal on this one and creates one of this albums most memorable tracks.

‘Unorthodox’ blends dirty disco with heavy synth electro pop leading us into this album’s standout track ’Holy Ghost’. This is one powerful song that will see them gracing those larger festival stages in 2020.

‘The Hit’ reminds me in equal parts of Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Chic. How’s that for a description? ‘Man Dies’ is as close as we are going to get to a ballad on here until we hit the chorus. ‘Days Go By’ and ‘Heavy Handed’ both have a deep bass driven synth pop which prepare us for the light and shade of closing track ‘Zeitgeist’.

If dancing to infectious indie pop is your thing then The Vegan Leather will be your new favourite band. This album has bags of energy and hooks galore.

Poor Girls / Broken Boys is out now on Midnight Pink Records.

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