Rebekah Kirk – Haunted

Rebekah came across my radar a few years ago in Glasgow’s Broadcast when she was stood on stage on her own with an acoustic guitar in a “first up” support slot. Nobody was there to see her, but she held her own and left an impression on me to follow up on what she did next.

This week – a long time later – she released her debut single, ‘Haunted’. Believe me, it was worth the wait! Over that time she has honed her skill, focussed on her sound, refined her image, and hit a home run with her first release.

‘Haunted’ is not a slow, solo, acoustic ballad like her performance a few years ago, rather a track with atmospheric keys, a thumping drum driving it forward, and haunting (no pun) backing vocals to carry you along.

What is clear is this song is a statement of intent showcasing how rich and beautiful her voice is, how well crafted her songwriting is, and stands as a message to all that Rebekah Kirk has arrived, and you should take note.

Check out ‘Haunted’ now.

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