Malojian – Dirt

These are dark and disturbing times we are living through and I often find myself asking, where are all the protest songs? Then, as if by magic, I have been answered. Stepping up to verbalise what a lot of us are saying and feeling at the moment is Stephen Scullion aka Malojian.

Stephen has been busy working with a musical hero of his, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy fame. They have an album recorded however no release date as yet. Jason’s influence is felt on the production of ‘Dirt’.


Set to a video full of powerful and anger inducing imagery we have a beautiful piece of pulsating acoustic electronica. It is easy to assume that this is about Brexit but Stephen sees it differently.

“We are living through extremely dangerous times and this past few weeks I’ve been feeling totally powerless and stressed about it all. I wanted to turn that energy into something positive.

Two weeks ago, I started writing this song and together with some of my friends we’ve made something that I’m extremely proud of. This isn’t about Brexit. Brexit is a smokescreen. This is about those in power spreading hate and using lies to get their way no matter what the cost. Their way is money. We are the cost. If only they had an ounce of compassion. They don’t. They are only motivated by greed. They’re ‘Dirt’!”

‘Dirt’ is out now available via Bandcamp.

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