Lavinia Blackwall – Troublemakers

Lavinia Blackwall returns with her second folk pop opus from her forthcoming album Muggington Lane End. Following on from ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’ back in March we find ourselves in a similarly upbeat frame of mind for ‘Troublemakers’.

The song kicks off with the signature sound of Marco Rea on the 12-string guitar. There is a wonderful Byrds like vibe to this intro which counters neatly with Lavinia’s stunning voice. If you are in any way familiar with her previous band, Trembling Bells, you will know what I mean. If not imagine a latter-day Sandy Denny with the soaring range of Joni Mitchell and you are nearly there.

Much like her previous single Lavinia has the knack of hooking you in well before the chorus with a really interesting melody. By the time you get to the chorus she has you in the palm of her hand.

“Troublemakers come from out of town, put another hole in the window” she sings with the harmony vocals of her band Stilton adding their deft flourishes behind her.

After a, frankly genius, guitar solo we are into the closing section of the song with Lavinia’s vocals stepping up a gear. By the time you reach the end you are left wanting to hear it again, immediately. That for me is the sign of a great song. Have a listen and enjoy the great video here.


‘Troublemakers’ is out now on all the usual digital outlets.

As I was reviewing the single, I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch up with Lavinia and get an exclusive insight into how her new album is progressing. Here’s what she said.

“In terms of the album, it’s about two thirds recorded. We’ve been recording it all at The Barne, Marco Rea’s studio in Glasgow. We’re playing together live and then overdubbing backing vocals and clarinets etc. We’re mastering to tape and are trying to keep the recording sounding warm and toasty! Jim Lang is helping to engineer and mix, which has made the recording process a lot easier. Marco is producing and I’m doing all the song writing. We are spending a good bit of time working on parts and guitar solos – Marco has really pulled it out the bag with his guitar playing! Seb is fantastic on the drums and Jim McGoldrick is fab on the bass. Everyone has really been listening to each other and working together. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s sounding really good (if I do say so myself!) I have a couple more songs to write and we’ll be there.”

Be sure to watch this space for an in-depth review of the album once it lands.

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