Employed To Serve – The Classic Grand, Glasgow – 11/05/2019

Employed to Serve brought their album launch show to Glasgow, following the release day gig in London the night prior, to promote their third studio effort Eternal Forward Motion.

The upstairs room in The Classic Grand is an ideal setting for a band who take no prisoners and from the outset Justine Jones goads the crowd into a frenzy by stating that there surely can’t be as many stage divers as last night’s show? Challenge accepted.

The new album title track explodes out the PA and along with it is an equally explosive reaction from those gathered to let off steam to a relentless and, at times, overbearing soundtrack. There’s little relief between tracks but this is Glasgow and we are glutenous when it comes to big fat tasty riff-laden tracks so there’s no let-up required here.

The energy in the room is already at a critical level before a note is played, with a hulking and flexing mass of bodies spilling over onto the unprotected stage. This doesn’t stop from the first moment to the last, and it’s no surprise given the setlist being thrown down.

A total of five new tracks, including all three single were unleashed, as you’d expect from an album release show. At no point was this a hindrance to the flow of a set that also included big-hitters like ‘Platform 89’ and crowdpleaser ‘I Spend My Days’ from 2017’s The Warmth of a Dying Sun.

In fact, the run of songs mid-set that mirrored their playing positions on the new album were up there with the best moments of a gig that wasn’t short of a few head-banging opportunities – ‘Force Fed’ and ‘Harsh Truth’ being the stand out tracks from the latest release.

The self-confessed nasty hardcore professionals left no inch of the small stage untouched and were constantly on the move to provide a visual that matched the energy of their audible output. The attending crowd joining in with the band in what looked like a swelling ocean of bodies that peaked as high as the ceiling, with more than a few revellers taking full advantage of the pipes to hang out and enjoy the show from a different perspective.

Luckily enough, by the end of the night the venue was still standing, although at times you’d be forgiven for fearing it would implode with the ferocity delivered by a band who are now three albums deep into what is looking like a fast rise to the top of their game.

Employed To Serve will be back in Glasgow to support Bury Tomorrow at SWG3’s Galvanizers room on 18 Dec. If you like your metal fast, furious and shouty with a melodic undertone then get yourself along.

Photos by Alan K. Gray at akgphotos

Employed to Serve Setlist Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland 2019

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