Banshee – Bubble EP

Banshee are back! One of Musicscramble’s favourite local bands have returned with a stormer of an EP and this time it’s Bubble-shaped.

Stomping through the title track Banshee make it clear what their agenda is. ‘Bubble’ contains all the elements which make a perfect ear worm; a catchy melody and infectious chorus.

‘Frienemies’ is up next with its lovely layered electronic samples, and harmony vocals. This and follow-on track ‘You Said’ remind me how much I love singer Erin’s vocals. She’s a total powerhouse, who sings in the higher register for the most part rounding out the sound of the band perfectly.

And it’s a great band, with clever guitar riffs courtesy of Gav sitting on top of a groove set out by Gia and Liam on drums and bass. The band somehow manage to give a rock edge to everything they do (under the previous guise Banshee played Download Festival), yet the songs have all the elements of a perfect pop song. The result is what makes Banshee so good.

The EP closes out with ‘Erased’, which is a slower song than the others but still as infectious. All in all, the Bubble EP is a perfect showcase as to what makes Banshee so worth checking out. You deserve them in your life, check out the video to ‘Bubble’ below and then head out and see them in Glasgow’s King Tut’s tomorrow night (30th March) for the EP launch show.

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