Spotlight Kid – Shivers

It’s been a long five years since we last heard from Nottingham five piece Spotlight Kid.

If you haven’t stumbled across the band before they are one of the key players in the current resurgence of shoegaze in the UK. The sheer brilliance of their last LP, Ten Thousand Hours carries on in this, the first new track since that album.

‘Shivers’ picks up the mood where Ten Thousand Hours left off nicely. Shimmering walls of guitars and pounding drums echo behind Katty Heaths breathy vocals. Where the My Bloody Valentine influence was evident on Ten Thousand Hours tracks like ‘Sugar Pills’ and ‘Budge Up’ here you can distinctly feel a shift towards Ride. For example, the jarring and arresting chorus has its roots firmly in the grooves of Going Blank Again.

While the band are happy to wear their influences on the sleeves, they are never slaves to them. Reshaping and remoulding influences to suit their own purposes is to me what shoegaze is all about.

‘Shivers’ will be out digitally as part of a three-track EP on February 15th, and will form part of a vinyl release with two other EPs released later this year.

Mark Anderson

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