Das Plastixx – Button Up EP

Das Plastixx have just released their new EP Button Up.

Following their debut single ‘Fahrenheit’ this offering pulls you deeper into their deliciously dark musical world. If weighty riffs and filthy wailing guitars are your thing then button up, strap yourself in and treat yourself to this collection of monster tunes.

‘How Does It Feel?’ begins with a bluesy riff and there is a fleeting feeling of classic crossroads blues. This is very quickly dismissed with the introduction of growling bass which takes the riff to a much darker place altogether. There’s no hanging about here as screaming guitar lifts the track before Jack Mohan’s vocal brings a hush like the entrance of a strict school teacher. Along with the chorus comes the return of that lovely riff and it all kicks off again. As opening tracks to debut EPs go this is a masterful one.

Second track ‘Slither’ has a lighter feel. There’s a beautiful keyboard line running through this track which holds the squeal of guitar, roaring bass and sweet vocal together brilliantly. ‘You’re Not In Control’ is next with another fabulously heavy riff offset by an almost cheerful tinkle of the keyboard.

Final track ‘Button Up’ was the first track I heard from the EP and I have to admit it wasn’t an easy listen for me. I found the vocal to be almost monotonous but it is the screeching heavy guitar riff that is the track’s saving grace.

I loved (earlier release) ‘Farenheit’ but the mix of this EP really brings the guitar much more to the fore resulting in a heavier sound that has me wishing I hadn’t missed their recent slot at King Tut’s New Years Revolution.

Button Up can be streamed in all the usual places. Miss it and you really are missing out.

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