We Came From Wolves – Haunt Me EP

we-came-from-wolves-haunt-me-EP-coverWe Came From Wolves debut album has become a real favourite of mine, so when I was asked if I wanted to review their new EP Haunt Me it was an easy answer – of course I do!

It’s hard to believe that the self-titled debut has been with us for two years, and with it receiving critical acclaim and the band a SAMA (Scottish Alternative Music Award) for “Best Alternative/Rock”, the new EP has a lot to live up to.

Haunt Me takes two standalone singles, ‘Places Unfamiliar’ and ‘The Peak Beneath the Sea’ and adds three new tracks, ‘Haunt Me’, ‘This Never Gets Easy’ and opening track ‘Falling’. Starting with the tortured sound of strained guitar, almost like a background buzz, this soon gives way to thumping drums, thundering bass, relentless pounding guitar and a fantastically honest and gritty vocal. The grittiness not only continues in ‘The Peak Beneath the Sea’ but is increases further. A pop hook is there but the passion and energy have really been ramped up resulting in a far more edgy sound.

Sitting comfortably in the middle of these five tracks is title track ‘Haunt Me’ which leans more towards the band’s emo side. Escaping pain and sadness through passion and love is a running theme throughout the EP and the other songs seem to gather round this track offering mutual support for the insecurities that are so honestly dealt with.

‘Places Unfamiliar’ was the first single and is a real full on, high energy belter of a song that rages to an end which finds us at the final track, ‘This Never Gets Easy’.

And easy is certainly not the way the band have found their journey, with line-up changes and personal difficulties this EP is what front man Kyle describes as the EP that was never meant to be. It was in the writing process for these songs that a renewed passion ignited which has rejuvenated the entire band. That new-found energy is certainly placed up front and centre in this collection of songs that only goes to whet the appetite for what promises to follow.

Haunt Me is released on Friday 22nd September on Heart Out Records. The two singles from the EP have already gained significant support from Spotify in the UK, France and Germany and as a result a European tour is already planned during October to support the release.

October dates:

4th – The Crowndale, London, UK
6th- Belvedere, Namur, BE
7th – Z10, Karlsruhe, DE
9th – Musikbunker, Aachen, DE
11th – Druckluft, Oberhausen, DE
13th – Pool Garden, Leipzig, DE
14th – Café Taktlos, Glauchau, DE
15th – Café the Move, Arnhem, NL

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