Noah Noah – Cannibal Calling

noah-noah-cannibal-calling-single-feature-imageMy favourite Edinburgh band Noah Noah dropped a new song on Friday.

Seemingly from out of nowhere comes ‘Cannibal Calling’, the next chapter in their quest to spread their take on 80s synth with distorted guitar and infectious choruses upon the world. With such a description you’d be forgiven thinking the band were some crazy eclectic mash-up; they’re not. That is the only way I can describe their sound however; a sound which I should hate.

The thing is I love the sound (and the band) since hearing debut track ‘Champion’ way back in May of last year. ‘Cannibal Calling’ begins with a single vocal backed by swirls of synth reaching crescendo before the thumping beat of the drums kick in and the song starts proper.

Once again the track hits all the right buttons and is a perfect slice of joy coming from Noah Noah. Check it out below, then go buy it from the usual places.

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