Introducing Black Dove

We decided to meet up with all four finalists to introduce them to the Musicscramble readership and find out how they’re feeling about the upcoming event.

The fourth band in the final are Black Dove, we sat down to get to know them better.

Who is the band and where do you come from?
We are Black Dove and we are from Inverclyde on the West Coast of Scotland.

Could you introduce the band members?
On guitar and lead vocals we have Josh Cunningham (17), bass and backing vocals is Ross McManus (17), guitar and backing vocals is Conal Harrington (18) and on the drums is Hamish McGown (19)

How long have you been together and where did you meet?
We have been together since around August 2016. Josh and Hamish have been family friends since Josh was born and were both in another band with Conal. Conal and Josh know Ross from school and the band just began from there.

How would you describe your sound to our readers who have not yet heard you?
We would definitely say our sound is very indie/alternative. Sort of Catfish and The Bottlemen meet Nirvana.

What is your one stand out track everyone should hear?
One of our favourite songs we have is called ’21′ but sadly this has not been recorded yet!

Tell us about the heats of the Party at the Palace Battle of the Bands….

How important is these kinds of events for up and coming bands?
These kind of events are so important for local upcoming bands because it really gives us a platform to demonstrate our talent and allow us to network with other bands and promoters and other people within the music scene to help us get known.

Did you feel the competition was tough in any of the rounds you took part in?
I think both the first heats and semi-final were equally as hard. The bands were so talented with only a couple of points deciding if a band made it through to the next round or not. We really weren’t sure if we were making it through the semi-finals or not.

How are you feeling about playing the Final on 17th of June?
We are all feeling very nervous about the 17th of June. This is a huge opportunity for us to play to an audience that wouldn’t usually come to see us and we are jumping at the chance to play Party At The Palace.

What can fans expect from your live show at the Final?
Fans can expect one of our most passionate and energetic sets yet. We know that we really need to wow over the judges in order to earn that place at the festival. We have been practising hard and really trying to get our set as tight as possible and try to really engage the show as it’s just as much about the music as it is the crowd enjoying themselves.

What would wining and getting to play at the Festival mean for you?
Winning and playing the festival would be a huge break for us as a band. We are all so passionate about music, both playing and listening. We have practised solidly to make sure we can be as good as we can. This would allow us to get our name and music out there to a new audience. Just getting yourself out there and getting people to listen to you is the hardest part of it all and playing at the festival would be the best way to do this!

Apart from at the final, where can people check out your music, keep in touch, and follow your movements?
We have released a single ‘Take A Chance’ on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other music services as well as a video on YouTube. We also have a Facebook page to keep up to date with gigs and our general activity. Finally, we are also playing at Greenock’s Fake Festival at the Battery Park on the 29th of July if people want to see us live again!

You can catch Black Dove, as well as three other excellent bands at the final in The Bungalow in Paisley on the 17th of June. Come, support your local music scene.

Photo Credit: Aidan Preston

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