Public Service Broadcasting – Progress

public-service-broadcasting-progress-single-coverPublic Service Broadcasting are back! Not only are they back but they’re bringing friends this time.

As a precursor to the bands follow-up to the epic second record, The Race For Space, Public Service Broadcasting dropped the lead single for their new album, Every Valley. And what a spectacular way to announce a new album ‘Progress’ is. Featuring the vocals of Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell (the first single to feature a guest vocalist) it is, quite simply, wonderful.

Those familiar with the band will be familiar with most of what this new single showcases. Musically, they are as tight as ever and the craft of the song is intelligent and entertaining. The addition of a guest vocalist offers another dimension and with any luck, will be a sign of things to come on the new album. It presents a sort of clash of styles, with the almost automaton sampling mixed with guitars, drums and synth creating a powerful track, lifted to a new level by the almost soothing, affecting vocals from Campbell.

A single that proclaims belief in progress, here are a band that have every confidence in growing success. With the run up to festival season already started, Public Service Broadcasting should be easily progressing to major draws all over the country.

New album Every Valley is released in July.

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