Das Plastixx – Fahrenheit

Every now and then a band comes along that doesn’t quite fit into one those little compartments in your head where music categories are kept. Glasgow based four-piece Das Plastixx are one of those bands.

They describe themselves as psych-grunge which means absolutely nothing to me, but on further investigation I discovered that I still don’t quite know what it is but that it is fascinatingly compelling. Imagine The Doors, The Cult (from the Southern Death Cult days) and New Order meeting up for a few beers and a jam and you might be close.

That very intriguing uniqueness is already starting to turn heads with their demo having picked up some national airplay before a gig had been played. Every subsequent headline show has sold out with folk listening from the stairs at a memorable night in Glasgow’s Hug and Pint as they were unable to get into the packed venue.

The announcement that the band are back after a brief hiatus due to broken bones is almost more intriguing than the release of a debut single today (12th May). ‘Fahrenheit’ is as intriguing as all other aspects of this band and looks set to make 2017 a very exciting year for Das Plastixx. The track starts off with eerie synthesiser and a guitar that sounds like a nervous tick. It slowly builds with the addition of bass and drums climaxing with a surprisingly mellow vocal. All the while with that nervous tick of a guitar continuing in the background. There is a deliciously dark quality to the lyric and melody that will keep dragging you back nervously to listen again and again until you just can’t get enough and just can’t stop singing along.

‘Fahrenheit’ will be officially launched at a live show in 13th Note in Glasgow tomorrow (on 13th May) and will be followed by a full EP later in the summer. Do yourself a favour and check these guys out. You can hear more on their Soundcloud.

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