LCD Soundsystem – Call The Police and American Dream

lcd-soundsystem-call-the-police-american-dream-cover“We all know this is nothing” – James Murphy’s first words on new track ‘Call the Police’, appear very far from the mark.

The interest that has surrounded LCD Soundsystem’s long-awaited return return – initially to the live circuit in 2016 – before fans dreams were made reality that new music was to follow, has been momentous. In a fantastically open post via the band’s Facebook page (and potentially as a reward to their loyal fan base for their grief at the early farewell) LCD have released two tracks last night, the aforementioned ‘Call the Police’ and ‘American Dream’.

‘Call the Police’ feels very much from the mould of ‘All My Friends’. A driving drumbeat is met with atmospheric Bowie-esque synth which is pleasing in its familiarity. The guitar that then leads the track on is reminiscent of The Killers at their peak.

“Cos we don’t waste time with love, it’s just death from above”, Murphy sings with almost disdain. It’s easy to feel that this mood will be reflected throughout the lyrics of new album given the age in which this new material has being written. The band’s real persona as a lo-fi, punk outfit sits comfortably with this mind-set.

‘American Dream’ is a far softer track, harking back to the band’s softer side as witnessed on tracks like ‘New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down’. Again over 6 minutes long, this will appease fans who have been used to LCD’s ability to make the grand sound personal.

There is a sureness in both tracks which bodes well for the new album. With so much pressure on their return, having already completed the rare feat of quitting while at the top, Murphy has given us not one but two indications, any fears fans have appear unfounded.

Ross Francis

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