Cloud Of Starlings – EP1

cloud-of-starlings-ep1-coverSince their inception in early 2013, Cloud Of Starlings have grown into a solid rock outfit. Their blues-rock Americana style will sit well with hard rock fans and indie kids alike. They don’t reinvent the wheel and they wear their influences on their sleeve but that is no bad thing. Their penchant for sweeping guitar driven classic rock make them very pleasing on the ears.

For a band who love to play music while drinking, they’ll have no trouble entertaining those of us who like to listen to music while drinking. EP1, as an introduction to the band, is a fine way to spend 15 minutes of your evening while enjoying a beer. Or, in keeping with the music, some of your favourite old Tennessee whiskey.

Those influences are written large on this EP, given it includes Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Black Crowes, some Hendrix for good measure, it’s something the band should be unconcerned with. They’re all there on opening track ‘Black Heart’. The song is structured around a looping riff and a gravelly blues-rock vocal. It’s a song that manages to sound like a Black Crowes song, without sounding like any of the Black Crowes’ actual songs.

Second track ‘Fire’ is more of a slow burner, with a singalong chorus it builds from a brooding, fuzzy, acoustic intro and another ‘from the classic’s’ riff until all four band members are rocking, before fading out again with that brooding fuzzy acoustic. More of this would be pleasing. Third song ‘Turn Me On’ is their crowd pleaser. A ballsy rocker with an 80’s arena rock solo in exactly the right place. It’s their set closer and it’s easy to see why.

To describe all three songs here; if you like American rock, from the 70’s to the 90’s, then this EP should have plenty of appeal. Their most recent gig, on February 9th at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, was their third of a year where they aim to have the festival crowds of Scotland rocking.

Cloud Of Starlings don’t mess about and you’ll be able to check them out around Glasgow as well as festivals around the country this summer. As the band say, “Keep your eyes on the sky”.

Cloud of Starlings Ep1 is available to stream and buy here.

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