Aurora Blue – Cool Woman

Canada is famous for William Shatner, maple syrup, Rush and an endless progression of Prog and Ambient Rush wannabes. What it should be famous for is producing fantastic young Alt Rock bands like Aurora Blue.

Their keyboard driven single ‘Cool Woman’ points the way for what I hope will be a fruitful long term collaboration by the four senior high pupils from Orillia, Ontario.

Ayden Miller’s forceful keyboard and Ryan Lamb’s drums provide a steady platform for Gaby Taylor’s fore square vocal and the twiddly bits from Nathan Parker’s guitar. I’m partial to tunes driven by a well bashed keyboard and sung with honesty.

I have to admit to putting in the earphones with a mix of trepidation and resignation as I’ve been sorely disappointed by “high school” bands in the past. So imagine my delight when ‘Cool Woman’ bounced and charmed its way into my head. The production is clean, the arrangement professional and the vocal delivery sweet. I’ll be keeping an eye on Aurora Blue to see where their musical journey takes them. These guys have built a sizeable following in their home town, I think it’s time everyone else got to hear them.

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