The New Fabian Society – Choke EP

the-new-Fabian-society-choke-EP-reviewIf you don’t know who The New Fabian Society are, then do yourself the favour of checking out Choke, the brand new EP, released on 17th February.

Returning with the follow-up to 2015’s Melt EP, they are a band with a reputation for being loud and raucous. That is borne out in the four previous EPs as well as three standalone singles. There is nothing within their latest offering that suggests they intend to change their ways anytime soon.

A pounding drum intro and searing guitar launch us straight into title track Choke’ which charges through almost four minutes, underpinned by driving bass and an unrelenting drum beat, singer/guitarist Michael Fabian’s crunching guitar and menacing vocals combine to provide a jolting start. Those vocals become as crunching as the guitar as the track builds to a sinister, breathless (choking?) frantic finish. The pace quickens as ‘Dreamers In Streets’ punches its way through three minutes of bone shuddering madness. This one is surely a live favourite. A song that will rise from the floor and vibrate in your chest, if you’re standing still long enough that is.

‘F.U.K’ is, for me, both the mid-point and the high point of the EP. The relentless drums and driving bass that run through the whole record are prevalent and again, along with Michael Fabian’s scuzzy guitar, this one builds a wall of sound. A wall for Michael’s aggressive vocals to punch right through as the song rampages to a climax. All crashing percussion, crunching guitar and driving bass lines. I’m reminded of Vanishing Point-era Primal Scream.

On ‘I Still Remember’ it is Conor Fabian’s bass that gets all grungy and provides a driving force for a throaty vocal that builds to a chorus that makes this easily the most accessible song of the five. It’s another three-minute blast of pure unadulterated rock and it’s a great place to start for anyone new to the band.

Closer ‘Last Time’ threatens to be a funkier offering, for the first few bars, before being overtaken by thrashing guitars. As the vocals come in, although a lazy comparison it feels fitting, the song is Joy Division on steroids and is a fitting closer to 18 minutes of a frantic, aggressive aural assault.

The New Fabian Society are loud, raucous and brilliant. You can buy the new EP here. Then, you should go see them live.

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