Fero Lux – No Rest

A hard shell of progressive metal wrapped around a math core – Fero Lux are a band you need in your life if you like your metal off-beat and challenging. In March 2016 Fero Lux followed up debut album Some Divine Ashtray with the more refined and every bit as politically fueled No Rest.

In the current political climate of the country in which they reside – Florida, USA – No Rest‘s lyrical content rings even more true today than it did on its release date. Powerful messages driven by intoxicating riffery that take you on an undulating journey you would expect from a band operating under the math-metal banner.

‘No Insignia’ is a brutal introduction. Wailing guitar meets harsh vocal before we’re riding along on downtuned and sludgey guitar hooks that pick up and drop off throughout a frantic four minutes – after which we’re ready to take on the rest of this brilliant album. As far as anthems go, ‘Suicide Nets’ instantly gets tagged in this bracket by hitting every mark on the checklist. Catchy hook, tick. Singalong chorus, tick. Chanting harmony , tick. Dramatic, mic-drop ending, tick.

I could mention all of the stand-out tracks individually and give a modest review of each one but the best thing I could do here would be to suggest that you finish reading this review, line up the album and enjoy it in all of its raw, energetic and at-times-frantic glory.

There is absolutely no break between songs. There is no time to catch your breath. There is only a relentless mass of beautiful, in-your-face anarchic metal. If you like your music meandering and forgiving then this is not an album for you. However, if you like to be chewed up and spat out by your albums of choice then No Rest may well be the one you’ve been wanting to hear.

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