Divides – King Tut’s, Glasgow – 18/01/17

For a local Glasgow band there can surely be few better ways to start the new year than with a headline show at King Tuts. As part of King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution celebration of grassroots music Divides topped the bill alongside Get Out Strong, Take Today and the very impressive Crashes to kick-start their 2017.

The band took quietly to the stage with singer Nicole conspicuously missing. It was only as the boys started playing the intro to ‘Last Words’ that Nicole bust on to the stage in a bundle of energy and hair. Their first gig of the year was underway! No sooner had it started, two songs in, and after the perhaps well named ‘Steady Hands’, there was an announcement to make.  This was to be guitarist, and founding member, Colin Horn’s last show with Divides. Bombshell dropped it was swiftly on with the show and into latest single ‘Make a Killing’.

Perhaps to allay any fears after the last announcement a further announcement of tour news and hopes of time in the studio preceded ‘Sink This City’ followed by ‘Lights Off’ which seemed to describe the stage lighting which must have been a photographer’s nightmare.

Penultimate song was ‘Ruins’ as the set powered on with the ever rock solid Dave Maxwell sweating his beard off behind the drumkit. The highlight of the set was last track ‘Show Me Your Skin’. Knowing that this was his final show Colin was putting his heart and soul into his last song and this was rubbing off on bassist Scott Johnston and the quiet man who is guitarist David Lennon. Nicole was first to hug Colin at the end of the song before he added a lovely touch by giving away his guitar. Yes, giving away his guitar!

This was a solid performance, although I’d say more solid musically than vocally, which set Divides on the way to what looks like being an eventful year. With the line-up change of last year, and yet another set in motion, it seems that on the Snakes and Ladders board of the Glasgow music business Divides find it hard to land on the ladders.

Onwards and hopefully upwards! Divides played:

Last Words
Steady Hands
Make A Killing
Sink This City
Lights Off
Show Me Your Skin

Photos: Chris Young at CWY Photo

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