Patersani – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 30/12/16

People say that time flies when you’re having fun, or maybe in my case it’s that other phenomenon of time going faster the older one gets.

This time last year I was formulating a New Year’s resolution to get out and take in more live music. This is quite possibly the only resolution I’ve ever kept – and I’m so pleased that I did.

Some people say that the live music scene is dead with no new talent making the effort to take their music out and about and show it off in a live performance setting. These people are wrong and have obviously not been to shows like this one; shows where local artists get to showcase their talent on the very same stage where their heroes have performed. A fact that was not lost on any of the three bands on the bill at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut the night before Hogmanay.

First up was Lost in Vancouver which was their first time playing King Tuts which warranted special mention from singer/guitarist Jake Morgan as they grooved their way through a set of very danceable and a times funky indie rock songs. A decent enough start to the show.

By contrast The 21st State are no newcomers to this venue with tonight being their fifth appearance. Yes, bands keep a count of how many times they’ve climbed those famous stairs. The band are also not new to me and I was pleased to get a chance to see them again. They delivered a fine set with a nice mix of rock and electro giving off little hints of Prides but with more of a rock sound.

Patersani have headlined here before but by all accounts it was a nervous affair. Once again the reputation of this venue really messing with people’s heads. However, if this was at the back of their minds this time then it certainly wasn’t evident.

Brothers Craig and Dave Paterson confidently took to the stage with their pet bassist and drummer (their words not mine) Colin Orr and Scott Kemp. They have a real rock base to their music, at times leaning slightly towards 70s classic rock but more often sliding towards 80s pop/rock with their song ‘Ofelia’ almost completely immersed in that 80s sound. Perhaps it was the time of year but they certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves with lead guitarist Dave even throwing in a small ‘Auld Lang Syne’ guitar solo between songs. With plenty of friendly faces in the crowd singing along it seemed that last track ‘Something I Can’ came far too soon.

This was Patersani’s last show of the year and they now go into 2017 looking forward to the release of a new EP. They’re certainly not alone in looking forward to that.

This was also my last gig of the year and it is once again time for those new year’s resolutions. It’s an easy one this year – I need to get to a lot more gigs like this one.

Photos: Gareth Fraser at 3rd Mile and Alan Gray at akgphotos

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