Thom Hell – Happy Rabbit

thom-hell-happy-rabbit-album-coverWith seven previous albums and three Norwegian Grammys to his name Thom Hell has just released his eighth album Happy Rabbit.

The Norwegian singer/songwriter’s intention is to take a trip through his life, including the musical influences he encountered on the way, and there are nods to The Beatles, Elton John, 10CC and Queen highly evident on the 16 track album.

Hell’s voice is soft, pleasant and melodic much like the music accompanying it. Opening instrumental track ‘Grow Up!’ sets the mood for the entire album with symphonic strings, flutes and a relentless booming beat. The musical themes introduced on the biographical ‘1985’ and ‘Leave Me To Die’ – that of blending strings and piano are a constant throughout the entire album.

This constant musical theme and the ever-present tribute to The Beatles in particular mean that by track six or seven any interest in the rest of the musical journey is completely lost as one track blends unremarkably into the next.

Thom Hell, triple Grammy winner, may not be particularly well known outside of his native Norway – this album won’t do anything to change that.

Happy Rabbit is available on Thom Hell’s soundcloud.

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