Sunset Sons – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 18/10/16

sunset-sons-live-o2-abc-glasgow-gareth-fraser-musicscrambleShort notice invitations to see bands you know very little about can sometimes be a bit of a gamble. A coin toss if you will.

Heads: you like what you see and actually enjoy yourself. Tails: it turns into an endurance test of mediocre support bands and ends in disappointment.

With this invitation to see Sunset Sons gratefully accepted I headed into the O2 ABC in Glasgow with the coin spinning in the air before me.

The first support act was already on stage – Glasgow’s very own Patersani. There was definitely a bit of an 80s pop-rock vibe going on but without the bad hair or gaudy dress sense. They played a fine set of guitar-driven corkers, delivered with real fun and energy. There was also mention of an EP to be released early next year. The coin was spinning towards a head.

sunset-sons-rory-live-o2-abc-glasgow-gareth-fraser-musicscrambleSandwiched between Patersani and Sunset Sons was a Californian kid going by the name of Jessarae. Sickeningly young and talented he took to the stage with some of his pals and bashed out some pretty decent West Coast acoustic pop-rock. I couldn’t help thinking that if this youngster was to fall into the wrong hands the world could find itself with another Bieber on its hands. Having said that – the coin was still spinning heads up.

This was the second date of a European tour in support of the debut album Very Rarely Say Die which I’d been listening to solidly over the previous couple of days. I liked it a lot so all the signs were good. I’d been told that front man Rory Williams was a bit shy and tended to hide behind his piano a bit. Something must have changed recently because I saw a confident and very able front man capture the audience’s full attention from the moment the band took the stage.

I’m not going to pretend I can remember the full set list here – I was far too busy lapping it all up. These guys were on top form and when you add in one of the best voices I’ve heard for a long time they had the ABC crowd dancing and singing their hearts out for the entire set. Highlights were ‘Bring the Bright Lights’, ‘She Wants’ and ‘Lost Company’ but to be honest I loved every minute of it not just the highlights. This was Tuesday for crying out loud and the Glasgow crowd were behaving like it was Friday night! The room was about three quarters full but it felt like the place was bouncing.

The coin definitely landed heads up as it hit the bar in exchange for a celebratory beer.

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