Amère – Young Love

Coming together in Neath, Wales in June 2016 after the break-up of two separate bands, Amère fused elements from each band to create this new project.

The result is an emo-rock sound with ambient undertones, merging emotionally driven vocals with the more uplifting swell of ambient music.

The band recently released their debut single Young Love, and as the title suggests this is about those early relationships which perhaps end awkwardly leaving a bitter taste and a dark feeling of guilt and regret. It’s an emotional song which leaves this slightly older listener wanting to give singer Thomas a hug and let him know everything with be okay.

The band are playing the following places, but before that you can check them out in the video below:

Live dates:
27th – The Duke, Neath
28th – Celtic Mosh, Merthyr Tydfill

Alan Vaughan

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