Deap Vally – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 19/09/16

deap-vally-electric-circus-edinburgh-201609-gareth-fraser-musicscrambleCalifornia two-piece Deap Vally rolled into Edinburgh supporting their just-released sophomore effort, Femejism. 

The venue – compared to other stops on this tour was smaller – and pretty packed out by the time the band hit the stage. The often more subdued Edinburgh crowd didn’t hold back and very quickly the atmosphere was in full swing. It’s been a few years since I saw the band tour debut album Sistrionix, and very quickly it’s clear their music and live show have both moved on since then.

The downtuned-fuzz guitar sound and riot-girl vocal from Lindsey Troy, punctuated by Julie Edwards’ drumming uniquely marks itself apart from other two-piece drum and guitar combos. In simple terms, Deap Vally sound great!

The 17-song setlist consisted of songs from both albums offering much variation in tone and tempo which led to a performance that never got tiring. To further illustrate this, at one point the band’s tour manager Jess Roberts was heckled up on stage to perform backing vocals to the band’s cover of Beyonce’s ‘All Night’. This was a song Lindsey claimed she was annoyed for having to learn to play for their appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. “Might as well put it to use…”, she said before the brilliance that followed.

Leaving the more obvious big-hitters to the end of the set, none of the rest of the show seemed to suffer as a result. As a showcase for the new album, and a reminder of how good all their material is, the night was pitched perfectly.

Is it fair to want them to come back and play again so soon?

Deap Vally Setlist The Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Scotland 2016, Femejism World Tour

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