Radiohead – Present Tense

Radiohead have released a video for ‘Present Tense’ a track from this year’s A Moon Shaped Pool.

The video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (who also produced the clip for ‘Daydreaming’) features just Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke performing with a CR-78 drum machine.

The stripped-down beauty of the track on the video harks back to the basis upon which Radiohead have always existed; great songs, and great musicisianship.

Both are on display here. Click below to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Radiohead – Present Tense

  1. Quite like it but I dare say that not many people would watch this right to the end were it not for past glories etc…

    • Gareth Fraser September 16, 2016 at 15:32 - Author

      Thanks for the comment. Is that because their “current glories” don’t stack up or because the video just doesn’t quite cut it?