Tired Lion – Nice N’ Sleazy – 12/07/16

tired-lion-live-glasgow-nice-sleazy-7Australia’s Tired Lion are on their first European Tour and rolled in to Glasgow on Tuesday night to play Nice N’ Sleazy.

After a strong support of performances from Fox Opera, Dopesickfly and Hello Operator, Tired Lion took the stage to show off their brand of Pixies-esque rock. The venue was criminally sparse of punters, and whilst that must have made the bands’ hearts sink it did not show. What followed felt like it was played with an attitude that could’ve been reserved for in front of thousands.

The snarl and face-pulling of singer Sophie Hopes as she sings leads you to believe her every word. Her voice beautifully cracked, providing a layer to the music which somehow makes it more. I really do love her vocal.

Sounding even better live than on their debut EP Figurine those songs were supplemented with tracks nobody in the crowd knew but held our attention for the full 50 minute set. Hearing them made me want to get my hands on more, wishing they had an album out already. They did play a song from an EP only released in Australia though. Maybe I’ll try get my hands on that!

It certainly wasn’t the biggest crowd, but we were given a treat; Tired Lion are a great live act. Next time they come back I suspect there will be way more people crowding in to see them, all claiming “they were there” on Tuesday night….

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