Tired Lion – Figurine EP

tired-lion-figurine-ep-coverIt’s not often that new music arrives Scramble Towers for review and we find ourselves playing it on repeat ever since.

That however is exactly what happened to me when Tired Lion’s Figurine EP landed last week. Fronted by the brilliantly named Sophie Hopes, Tired Lion are a visceral life force. Delivering their wares straight up with a storming confidence over boisterous guitars. I love her voice. I love the slightly broken inflections during certain notes which gives the song something greater.

Tired Lion come from Perth, Australia and have that slightly Pixies-esque sound. But definitely more immediate and commercial. Opener ‘Not My Friends’ has a slow growl guitar which paces the song along at just the right amount before breaking into the great hook of the chorus.

In places Tired Lion remind me of The Joy Formidable, but they also have their unique sound, one which is heightened by the great vocals from Sophie (did I mention I loved her voice?).

‘I Don’t Think You Like Me’ and ‘Pretend’ are the stand out tracks, but make no mistake, it’s a tight run thing. Every sons is a winner. As you listen to the EP, memorable licks and crunching guitars punctuate the melody and leave you feelng like you just want to hit “Play” again. Which, like I said at the top of this piece is exacly what I’ve been doing again and again.

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