Throws – Throws

Throws release their self-titled album on June 10th, a collaboration between folktronic legends Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders of Tunng fame.

This is the first time in almost ten years the duo has musically brainstormed and Mike’s visit to Sam’s Reykjavik studio has produced an oft-times haunting oft-times grimy sound. The pair are making folk music on very contemporary instruments wuth inventive playfulness evident on every track; the synths and drum machines prance and the guitar when it arrives is uplifting.

This album is packed full of catchy tracks but the joy is in the varied, rich and textured musical landscape. One minute it’s electronic pop and suddenly there are echoes of 60’s English folk in the way a verse turns or a chord progresses.

The opening track is ‘The Harbour’, a song about being yourself and treasuring your peculiarities. The ringing guitar, squelched synth and the powerful tone produced by Lindsay’s vocal and Genders’ falsetto singing set the bar for the rest of the album. From the guitar ballad ‘Silence in Between’ to the mechanical energy of ‘Knife’ to the rumbling synthesisers at the opening of ‘Bask’ the only constant is the rich vocal collaboration and sense of play.

The album was recorded by Mike Lindsay and often has a deliberate homespun feel that is quite refreshing in a market saturated by overblown, samey production, little squeaks and twiddles that a producer might have removed have survived and they invigorate the overall sound.

Iceland is so much a part of Throws from the quirky disonance of ‘Play the Part’, or Sigurlaug Gísladóttir’s glorious voice on ‘Bask’, to the spoken word over insistent rhythm of ‘Under the Ice’.

This album is a glorious folksy electronic oddball, a celebration of individuality and friendship. To cement that impression the band have released a video for ’The Harbour’ featuring a man skiing on his head.

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