Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

architects-all-our-gods-have-abandoned-us-album-coverOne of the most highly anticipated metal albums of the year has finally landed and it is nothing short of outstanding.

Architects follow-up 2014’s Lost Forever // Lost Together with another epic in the form of seventh studio album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us – which has its message firmly nailed down within its content. Architects like to get political and there’s no change here. Thought-provoking lyrics raining over thundering low-end and lightning fast riffs creating a soundscape akin to a storm in the middle of the sea at midnight.

They’ve managed to do what so many bands fail to achieve. They’ve created an instantly recognisable sound which is as easily identifiable as their band logo or promotional images. It’s a sound that comes from the guts of those who write the songs. Architects are the masters of design when it comes to mixing math and industrial metal and have found a formula to create depth that other bands of their ilk can only dream of. It’s not just in your face noise either, there’s a subtlety in the transition from face-melting to serene throughout the album where the quieter parts offer a very small breather before you’re whipped up in another whirlwind of sound.

I usually find it quite simple to pick the stand-out tracks from an album, especially by a band on their seventh edition but this one is epic from start to finish. If you’re a fan of the band you’ll love each and every track on offer. If you’re new to Architects you’ll love each and every track. See where I’m going here? If truth be told, there’s a consistency that will be taken as “too samey” by some and heralded by others, but for me it shows that we have a band here who can keep the meter at ten for the length of an entire LP. It’s relentless. So make sure you stretch and have a good warm-up before listening.

Sam Carter knows how to pen some powerful lyrics – take this little gem for instance – “I found God clutching a razor blade. He said look at the fucking mess they’ve made. They’d trade their hearts if they were made of gold. But they’re as worthless as the souls they sold.” It’s no surprise that he’s held in high regard within the genre he plies his trade. This album only elevates his position and even if you don’t listen to the meaning within, the words themselves serve as an additional layer of anger over music that will make you want to fuck shit up.

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