Akord – Levels

The new single from Akord is a four minute metal masterpiece. Sandy Bain (vocal/bass) makes the big six-string bass sizzle as he plucks and slaps his way through this the second single from the long awaited debut album.

‘Levels’ starts quietly enough. The drums and bass give an unsettling and eerie feel before the big riffs and driven guitars set the theme; only to quieten down as Bain opens the first verse and the stratospheric Akord sound and anthemic hook grabs you by the ears and gives you a shake.

Progressive metal can be sleep inducing or degenerate into a load of pretention but Akord navigate their way through this minefield. Sandy Bain’s voice commands, his assuredness grows with time, the guitars of Dawson and Walker howl like wounded sopranos.

With magisterial chord structures and inspiring guitar and bass riffs this is a soundtrack looking for a film so it’s just as well they have provided a slightly sinister video to accompany the release.

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