From Sorrow To Serenity – Glasgow, Cathouse – 22/04/16

cwyphoto-fsts-cathouse-22-april-2016-4After a successful release of their four-track EP Antithesis in 2013, Glasgow’s tech-metal hard hitters From Sorrow to Serenity are back with their debut full length album Remnant of Humanity. What better way is there to celebrate this than to play the entire album front-to-back to a very busy Cathouse crowd on a Friday night?

As the lights dimmed, the stage filled with smoke, the band take to stage and unleash the opening double whammy of ‘Lost Our Way’ and most recent single ‘Hellbound’. Powered by thunderous drums and intricate guitar and bass, the crowd open up and show the band they are up for it. With new tracks like ‘Forsaken’ and ‘Break the Mould’ going down well and sounding pretty huge, it’s not until they drop the recent music video single ‘Illusive’ that the room starts singing back and spurring on more chaos.

The lighting at this show played a big part in the whole atmosphere of the night, with the band members only lit from behind and the stage constantly shrouded in smoke. This gave off a very eerie feeling especially during tracks like ‘Nescient’ and especially the moody ‘Prosthetic Eyes’, with in-your-face vocals and gloomy heavy riffs to go with them.

Closing off the set with ‘The Way Back’ (which features ex-Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon on the album), and finally the title track from Antithesis, From Sorrow to Serenity have proved they have upped their game considerably with the release of their debut full length with every track sounding massive.

Having followed this band since the very early days, I have never seen them as tight and polished on the live stage. With a headline tour in support of the album coming up plus a support run with Fit For an Autopsy in July, I wouldn’t be surprised to see From Sorrow to Serenity on bigger stages by this time next year.

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