The Folk Today Project – The Reason for Living

New folk concept band, The Folk Today Project have released their debut single ‘The Reason for Living’.

This is a well crafted and pleasant little ditty concerning itself with the modern phenomena of people in cities living alone – a love letter to co-habiting if you will. Hailing from New Zealand The Folk Today Project plan on reviving the fundamentals of folk music; social commentary and great melodies with a bit of finger-pointing and moralising.

While I found the simple melody and harmonies very enjoyable the lyric is a bit self-satisfied for my taste. That said we need someone having a look at us and pointing out the absurdities and injustices we acquiesce to and if not a bunch of talented musicians then who? I would like to hear more from them (maybe a dance tune) to fully make up my mind on them.

In the meantime though check out their excellent video below.

2 thoughts on “The Folk Today Project – The Reason for Living

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful review Stephen. A question: you said it would be nice to hear a dance tune from us. Are you thinking ‘dance’ as in Electronic Dance Music [EDM] and dance-pop. Do any examples of dance come to mind. Thanks again. Neil Pharazyn, The Folk Today Project

    • Stephen Vaughan May 10, 2016 at 14:03 - Author

      Hi Neil, thanks for the song. I was thinking more along the lines of hornpipes and jigs but EDM on traditional instruments would be interesting. My folk background is mainly the Scottish and Irish tradition where dancing is obligatory.
      I look forward to hearing more from your Project in the near future.

      Keep up the good work