Start Static – Secret Gig at New Hellfire Club

akgphotos-start-static-new-hellfire-club-secret-gig-29-april-2016-4On Friday evening, Gareth and I were invited along to Glasgow West End’s Hidden Lane.

There we would be met by one of the local scene’s most deserving bands in what can only be described as a veritable Cave of Wonders – New Hellfire Club. The venue is a record store specialising in second-hand music, film and memorabilia run by one of Glasgow’s unsung heroes of the local music scene – Mr Jamie McDermid.

For this one night we would see Start Static strip back their tunes creating a chilled vibe, showcasing their hits acoustically. We saw Steven crank up his acoustic guitar to eleven, as Mike took to rattling an old, wooden box. Chris kept things charged with some smooth bass and John (downing some honey and lemon tea to soothe the vocal chords he’d damaged) was able to hit all the right notes after a couple of early misfires.

As the gig came to an end we were ushered to nearby rock bar Rockus, where the after-party was in full swing complete with NHC owner Jamie turning his hand at being guest DJ for the night. The beers were flowing and the tunes were blaring – including a couple of Start Static singles thrown in for good measure. It was great to sit and chat to these guys about a whole range of topics beyond the boundaries of music. A nice change of pace from the norm of meeting for a few short minutes before and after a live show, this was something a little more special.

Having had the pleasure of getting to know the guys behind the music over the past year and a bit, we’ve discovered just how hard-working they are.

Literally creating monster debut album Arguments by their own hand and investing more than they get back to tour their hits and gig in towns all over the country, you can’t help but feel their big break is well overdue (and deserved).

If they continue to create and produce songs like current single ‘Big Ideas’ and recent hit ‘Shut Up I’m On It’ then I have no doubt that it won’t be too long before we see their signatures on a record deal!

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