Solids – Else EP

solids-else-EP-coverSolids’ 2014 debut LP Blame Confusion was lauded for its revved-up take on the early ’90s Rock and grunge sound. Its poppy melodies set against a dense, relentless soundscape pointed to guitarist Xavier Germain-Poitras and drummer Louis Guillemette’s formative years in the hardcore scene.Their Else EP which came out on Friday sees the band checking in after a year of near-endless touring reflecting that road weariness with a group of songs that vibrate at a lower frequency. These tracks document the waiting, the bleary-eyed confusion and the blur of days that come with life on the road.

When I first listened to the EP I have to say I was underwhelmed. The “take” on early 90s scene seems a pastiche, rather than a commentary or artistic nod. The tracks have all the interest of a Dinosaur Jr. B-sides compilation.I dumped the EP and thought no more of it. Upon official release day I listened again, and this time it was catchier, somehow more inviting, and piqued my interest to play it through again. Once. The melody and aural stimulation exists in there and perhaps with your perseverance you will unearth some treasure. Somewhere. Deeply layered below a lo-fi mist.Will the Else EP set the world alight? I hope this isn’t the future of music, it’s melancholy rehash of grunge rock seems too soap opera-blunt and ridiculous to shine brightly.

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