Blackwork – Impasse EP

blackwork-impasseHitting the Musicscramble inbox recently are Glaswegian metal five piece Blackwork. Forming in 2014 the band released a three track demo inside six months and have followed it up with five track EP, Impasse which I can gladly report is a blinder.

We saw Blackwork play the EP in full towards the end of March at their Impasse release show and it’s safe to say they are as tight live as they are on record. Despite being a five track EP it still clocks in at just over 24 minutes which is a hell of a lot of bang for your buck although, when I say bang I mean shred, thrash, growl, and mosh. Thankfully all tracks are worth repeated listens but for me the highlight is ‘Rust’, the only track to survive from the earlier demo but with a bit of a makeover.

For an easy comparison then look toward Sylosis as a basis, with fast energetic guitar, impassioned vocal, and a drummer faster than a speeding bullet. Adding depth by layering vocal harmonies over an already complex mix just shows that this fledgling band are capable of breaking out of an over-saturated genre.

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