Sunset Sons – QMU, Glasgow – 24/03/16

We first saw Sunset Sons in King Tut’s early last year, and were impressed then. It’s fair to say that they’ve come on in leaps and bounds since that show.

Tonight is the second night of their tour heralding the release of their debut album Very Rarely Say Die which came out on Friday. Whilst the energy invested in the performance is much the same, somehow the songs seem catchier, and the energy more infectious as the (mostly) student crowd are very much into enjoying themselves tonight.

This was no doubt helped by singer Rory Williams coming out from behind his keyboard, running around the stage and even jumping down into the pit and up onto the barrier to get the crowd the to sing along.

Coming on with ‘Know My Name’ and ‘Medicine’, the setlist gave us the first opportunity to hear a handful of songs for the first time in preparation for that album release come the end of the week. As each passed the best way to describe them is with the interspersal of rock breakouts, band jams, heavier moments and funkier moments. The new material seemed superb, the crowd were enthralled, the already loved singles and EP tracks became roof-raisers, in particular ‘She Wants’ and closer ‘On The Road’.

If you’ve seen Sunset Sons before and thought they were good, you’re going to love them now. If you’ve not caught the band before, you’re going to love them now.


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