Blackwork – Photo Gallery Live at Audio

I went into the dark and atmospheric Audio expecting to be thrashed into oblivion by a band who take the word heavy to the extreme. As the support bands came and went, growing in stature, confidence and ability, the expectation was increasing to the point where I thought it could only end in disappointment. And that it did – but the disappointment was that the night had to come to an end as the last note rang through the venue and the lights went up.

Blackwork are my bread and butter. They’re heavy without losing that melodic feel and with more than just a sprinkling of thought in their lyrics which are snarled and spat out by lead vocalist Josh Graham. All of this comes together to create an exhausting and exhilarating atmosphere.

This successful hometown gig was not only a massive success for the output onstage – it was also the release show for brand new EP Impasse. I suggest you get onto the usual outlets and pick up a copy, pronto! Before you do that, take a look at a collection of photos from Friday night.

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