Ashton Lane – One Kiss Later

Ashton Lane release ‘One Kiss Later’ ahead of 2016’s C2C: Country to Country, where the band will play the Pop Up Stage.

The song drives along with all the thrill and joy of newly discovered love. Esther O’Conner has a beautiful voice that adds emotion to any song and she is in storming form on this country-pop gem. You would need a heart of stone not to be grinning dopily, tapping your toe along with or joining in the incredibly singable chorus. If you’re thinking, “Country? Pah!” This is not your Appalachian bluegrass, banjo plinking, dungarees and pigshit style of Country. Think Nashville, think clean, well produced, well written mainstream popular music in a modern country-style with a retro West Coast aftertaste.

Ashton Lane are a Glasgow based trio comprising of Tim and Esther O’Conner and Graeme Duffin – ghost member of Wet Wet Wet. They tour extensively and are massive on the internet with their Kitchen Sessions notching up 3.3 million views in 5 months. There is fortunately a live version of ‘One Kiss Later’ on YouTube – enjoy.

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