Start Static – Shut Up I’m On It

The perfect progression from last year’s hit album ‘Arguments’, Start Static’s latest single is a dark-matter concept covered in a fashion that we’ve come to expect from the Glasgow quartet. However, the raw power that seeped out of every track on Arguments has been replaced with a refined, more mature approach to the production values in this single. With noticeable improvement on melodies and track overlay that show how Start Static have looked at polishing up their studio act and adding complexity to a song without over-complicating it. Anyway, that’s enough about the boring technical stuff – this is a single that is high on more than the drugs mentioned in it.

From the delicate yet upbeat intro to the dark repetition of the chorus, you could say there was a touch of bipolar in its extremities. One minute you’re feeling like Katrina and the Waves as you walk on sunshine before being dragged into the serious and topical narrative around drink and drug abuse. However dark this song may look to turn it just can’t help being fun at the core and that’s what makes this song an absolute winner. Damn you Start Static and your happy-go-lucky-tippy-tappy-stick-in-your-head songs.

‘Shut Up I’m On It’ could be described as the bevvied-up lovechild of Madness and Supergrass who’s been forced to grow up in deepest, darkest Glasgow. it’s the single that I’m sure will be cast back to, in the years to come, as a cult classic that helped shape a band who are ready to make that step up to the big time – a band who I reckon will take their big chance when it eventually comes along and will have the positive impact on Scottish music scene that they’re quite obviously keen to make.

Have a look at the hilarious accompanying video below…

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