Six Of The Best: David Bowie

david-bowie-discography-montageFew artists exist who have released music in six decades, however Bowie was one of them. As we draw to an end our Bowie-related articles since his death earlier this week we wanted to highlight the absolute cream of his work in each of those decades.

Now of course, with such a body of work and only one song from ten-year blocks there are obvious omissions, but this isn’t meant to serve as a greatest hits – simply play these tracks back to back and it is clear why he remained so influential and relevant throughout his life; we start in the 1960s and end last week.

The 1960s
‘Space Oddity’ (it could only ever be, the point when the world sat up and took notice)

The 1970s
‘Life On Mars?’ (what about ‘Changes’, ‘Heroes’, and ‘Rebel Rebel’?)

The 1980s
‘Ashes to Ashes’ (overlooking ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Let’s Dance’, and ‘China Girl’)

The 1990s
‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ (omitting ‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’, ‘Hallo Spaceboy’, and ‘Little Wonder’)

The 2000s
‘New Killer Star’ (ignoring ‘Everyone Says, ‘Hi’’, ‘The Loneliest Guy’, and ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You’)

The 2010s
‘Lazarus’ (splitting hairs with ‘Where Are We Now?’, ‘The Next Day’, and ‘The Stars Are Out Tonight’).

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